Pietercil brands & products a professional approach

Ambitious brands become local heroes thanks to our professional approach

We are the trusted partner of more than 90 brands

Pietercil is a FMCG distributor in Benelux for food (ambient, chilled, frozen) and non-food products. We can offer a full service approach with sales, marketing, field, category management and supply.

We are at the service of large and smaller ambitious brands, both in food and non-food. We have plenty of specialists in-house to give all partners the attention they deserve.

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Pietercil professional approach

FMCG partner with a full-service approach

Our wide range of services meets the needs of every partner. Thanks to our experience in Key Account Management, Field Management, Consumer & Shopper Marketing, we give your brand “access to market”. Furthermore, we provide an effective supply chain and efficient data management. We speak your language and offer a solution to your professional challenges.

How we make your business grow across a wide spectrum of channels

Most consumers go to more than one type of stores for their shopping. Modern consumers like variety.

We make sure that your product is present in the desired segment e.g. by providing an omni-channel approach. We work together to define the relevant channels.

Pietercil how we grow your business through numerous channels

Why choose Pietercil?


We employ around 180 experienced experts, across offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg.
Our staff are entrepreneurs who see opportunities and seize them. They are fully responsible for the P&L of their brands.


Pietercil has access to an efficient network covering no less than four countries. Our back offices are centralised, in order to maximise cost efficiency, while our commercial teams work locally to keep their fingers on the pulse with the various players.

Local approach

We understand the local habits of retailers and consumers like no other.
Aspects like acquiring insights into the various promotional mechanisms, as well as in typical purchasing practices, are crucial.
Our thoughts are global and our actions are local.

Trusty and transparent partner

Almost half of all our customers have been loyal to Pietercil for over 20 years. We prioritise clear reporting, in order to provide our partners with a thorough and professional insight into their local business.

The categories in which we feel at home

  • Breakfast

    We can call ourselves the partner of a wide range of heritage brands, such as Krisprolls Original Swedish Toasts, and also Weetabix, which we distribute in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg.

  • Hot and cold drinks

    Ever since the company's foundation, hot & cold drinks have always been well represented at Pietercil. For many years, Pietercil has been a trusted partner to e.g. Lavazza, as well as more recent brands, such as Cool Bear. It is also our ambition to make brands grow within this very competitive category.

  • Confectionery

    For years, Pietercil has been the trusted business partner of e.g. Lindt, the Swiss premium chocolate brand. We also work for many other strong brands, such as Dextro Energy, Pick Up! from Bahlsen & Pepperidge Farm.

  • Frozen

    We manage the frozen goods segment like no other, thanks to our experience with Häagen-Dazs and Del Monte, which we distribute in retail and OOH. Using brand experience marketing, we also know how to reach the right target audience.

  • Chilled

    Chilled goods required a unique approach. Speed of execution is of the utmost importance. We distribute strong brands such as Yoplait, Gran Oliva & Gran Tapas. Our experienced professionals know the segment like no other.

  • Sauces / spices

    Specialities like rouille, ginger, caesar dressing, salt, mustard and countless others prove that niche brands flourish in our portfolio thanks to our dedicated approach. Our approach is combined with recipes, second placement and promotions.

  • Food of the world

    Pietercil has no less than thirteen different ‘food of the world’ brands in its portfolio, including Asian, Mexican and North-African cuisine. This particularly extensive range of brands from world cuisine forms the basis of our Category Management approach. As a preferred partner, we are able to offer brands a full solution and defend their common interests.

  • Canned food

    With partners like Del Monte and Hak, Pietercil demonstrates that it can handle the responsibilities of real market leaders without a problem. As specialists in this category, we stimulate the growth of brands using promotions and intelligent consumer marketing.

  • Meal ingredients

    This category includes e.g. rice, pasta, antipasti, noodles and oils, along with other ingredients that take meals to a higher level. We use brand management and smart synergies to give our partners an additional boost.

  • Health & diet foods

    For years, Pietercil has led the category with iconic brands in our portfolio, such as Canderel, Pure Via & Atkins. We consistently work the market with a 360° marketing approach.

  • Fresh food

  • Snacks

    Responding to today's food trends, Pietercil is extending its range with new brands, such as Eat Real, with its healthy snacks. In this sector, there is a clear trend towards healthy snacks. Pietercil is taking advantage of this opportunity with brands such as Eat Real.

  • Personal & Health care

    Our personal care portfolio includes not only market leaders like Quies, but also challengers like Wilkinson Sword. We also offer specialist healthcare products, such as Mycosan, SoreFix & Jecovitol. This gives us the opportunity to develop strong partnerships, both in food retail and drugstores.

  • Home Care

    We have already been a trusted partner in a whole range of categories in Home Care for many years.
    Here, our efforts with e.g. Loctite, Ace and the iconic Belgian brand Ça-va-seul are primarily focused on the regular retail channels. Of course, we also focus our full attention on the DIY, online and Garden segments with Energizer, Zip and Duni. This is achieved thanks to our professional team of representatives.

food of the world

Pietercil: covering four countries with a potential reach of 95 million consumers.

11.3M consumers
Vitseroelstraat 74
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The Netherlands
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Parc d’Activités
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