History Pietercil

Our history

It all began in 1947, when Pietercil was founded as a dairy wholesaler on Place Saint-Géry in Brussels.

From daily wholesaler to the pioneering full-service partner in FMCG for over 90 brands.

Pietercil Group is proud of its rich history.

Let's turn the clock back for a moment.


Takeover of the Luxembourg company Agences Commerciales Betty Lorang, renamed Pietercil Lorang (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).


Pietercil took over the brand Ça-va-seul from the group Reckitt Benckiser. The Belgian brand dating back to 1889 boasts a very long history with an extensive range of maintenance products.


Opening of a new production facility for Beliès in Tessenderlo.



Integration of the activities of Delimaster in Beliès.


Takeover of Weetabix France


Beliès was founded as a manufacturer of fresh Mediterranean products (olives, tapenades, etc.), both under Pietercil's own brands (Epifine, Aperifine, Granoliva) and private label.


Acquisition of Epifine, with an extensive range of long-life olives, antipasti, pastas and spices.



Creation of Pietercil Delby’s

After the fusion of Delby’s and Pietercil Resta


The 1990s

1997: Pietercil took over Interco S.A. in France to become Pietercil Interco SA.

1994: Takeover of Delby’s & Quality Food Products Benelux in Belgium.

1992: Pietercil gained a foothold in France with the creation of Pietercil France.


The 1980s

1985: Our Dutch activities were extended with the takeovers of Barends and Unicura in the Netherlands.

1984: The acquisition of Resta created a new food broker entity: Pietercil Resta.

1980: After the sale of the dairy wholesaler, Pietercil turned its attention to Brokerage activities. A fusion took place with Hobelco.



How it all began

Pietercil was founded in 1947 as a dairy wholesaler on Place Saint-Géry in Brussels.

History Pietercil