Nissin Noodles

Nissin Case in the Netherlands

Nissin, the inventor of instant noodles, has a wide range of easy and, above all, delicious food that will please all those that like something tasty.

What we have done

In 2014, we launched a plan to help Nissin evolve from a niche brand to market leader in the instant noodles segment. We were successful in making the brand grow by 400% and increasing the level of market reach to 80%. We also developed Nissin within the food service channel.

How we achieved it

Our first step was to launch the innovative Soba concept that we marketed with a continuous sampling campaign, both in stores and in busy locations. Meanwhile, we extended the existing Cup Noodles range based on a clear vision for the entire segment, which we presented to all Dutch retailers. We then introduced the market to Demae Ramen, again with a clear vision on how we could boost the entire segment.

The results

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