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Quies® success story

A century of wellness-enhancing products ranging from

ear, eye, and skin protection to anti-snoring remedies.

What we did

Collaboration with Pietercil began in September 1998, today 20 years with Pietercil!

It all  started with only one reference (Quies Cires) at Carrefour and Delhaize with a limited turnover. In 2018, the portfolio has 8 references and a national distribution of the top references . The turnover has grown with more than 850% during the 20 years collaboration with a year on year steady growth.


How we did

Pietercil has built a steady national distribution with the historical Quies cires and added the mousses to the assortment on the way.

We’ve always had a full focus on the core products and slowly added new references following the consumer’s needs and trends

The Belgian mass market has been developed by Pietercil  in close collaboration with the pharma channel managed by Quies themselves, in such a way that they strengthen each other.


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