Pure Via verpakking

Pure Via in Belgium

Pietercil has been the distributor for Canderel for more than 30 years (since 1988).

In December 2011, immediately after the EU authorization, Pietercil launched the very first Stevia* 0 kcal cubes & powder under the brand Pure Via in the sweetener category on the Belgian market.

What we did

In 3 months time we got a weighted distribution of 96% and a penetration rate of 9%!
With the introduction of Pure Via, the total sweetener market segment in Belgium grew by around 50%.

Today, 7 years after its launch, Pure Via is still market leader in the Stevia* segment with a market share of 83%. Pietercil also won the Merisant award for the best worldwide launch of Stevia* next to a Golden Gondola.

How we did it

The key success factors of Pure Via are first of all before the launch good preparations with the trade, enthusiasm & involvement of all concerned Pietercil people and dedicated communication to professional & consumer journalists.

Than being first to market with rapid weighted distribution build-up. Followed by a strong 360° marketing plan with important support at the same time with a national TV campaign, a combination of mass & targeted samplings, a digital campaign with own local website & Facebook page and promo support with high visibility in-store in terms of expositions & displays.

This complete plan in purpose to directly create awareness, generate trial and result into growth for the total category.


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