The Benelux market for ‘personal care’ has been evolving positively in recent years – mainly due to the impulse of online purchases. Within this segment, the omni-channel approach is indispensable. Fortunately, Pietercil has extensive knowledge of the drugstore channels, through which brands can reach their customers in the various Benelux countries.

The Netherlands is unique when it comes to drugstores. Medicines and medical aids are freely available from drugstores and do not need to be purchased at a pharmacy. Drugstores are therefore also well represented in the Dutch retail environment, with over 2,000 branches, including Kruidvat, Etos and all kinds of independents. These sell a wide range of care products, medicines, medical aids, home-care products and food. Products that do not naturally belong in the segment are increasing their share compared to traditional drugstore articles. In this market, there is tremendous promotional pressure, even reaching over 50% for some categories. The traditional drugstores focus increasingly on the online offer, partly with the rise of giants such as Bol.com and Plein.nl. In Belgium, the drugstore scene is highly concentrated, with Kruidvat and Di as the largest players. Kruidvat operates on the hi-lo principle with exceptionally strong promotions, while Di delivers premium in-store service thanks to good project knowledge.

The Pietercil approach

Similarly to Dutch food retailers, the large drugstores Kruidvat and Etos are focusing on reducing the points of contact on the supplier side. Once again, our key account managers appear at the negotiation table with a group of brands, giving new or smaller brands the opportunities they need. A further strength of Pietercil is the field team that is active in the Netherlands and Belgium. These experts regularly visit the independent drugstores (DA/DIO) and maintain excellent relations. Our field managers give them targeted advice about shelf layouts and promotions. In general, brands also perform particularly well under our management at the independent drugstores.


  • Belgium: No 1 Kruidvat (248 stores) / Di (118 stores)
  • The Netherlands: No 1 A.S. Watson (Kruidvat (947 stores) / Trekpleister (195 stores)); No 2 Etos (547 stores); No 3 independent drugstores (DA/DIO; 404 stores).
  • Luxembourg: not present

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