Food retail

Food retail

With around 92 million residents, the Benefralux forms a gigantic food retail market. Furthermore, the Benefralux is prosperous – its residents have considerable purchasing power – and it lies in a central location in the heart of Europe. This market requires a commercial retailer approach per country, as the local identity plays a crucial role. That's why Pietercil has set up a commercial structure in all of these countries. In this way, we can not only respond to the needs of all our partners, we can also seize opportunities unique to each country and the local retailers.

Types of retail


  • Mainly medium-sized supermarkets (< 2,000 m²), although the average sales area is 532 m²
  • Large number of drugstores (7,163 in an area of 30,528 m²), including a limited number (58) of hypermarkets (CRF, Cora, Makro)
  • More than 10% of all supermarkets are hard discounters (Aldi, Lidl) – a number that has remained stable over the last 10 years

The Netherlands

  • Relatively small supermarkets
  • High density (4,300 supermarkets in an area of 41,500 km²)
  • No hypermarkets
  • Consumers shop there 2 to 3 times/week
  • Average distance to a supermarket is 900 metres
  • 80% of all consumers has a supermarket less than one kilometre away


  • Extremely large supermarkets (> 15,000 m²)
  • Cactus, the local retailer
  • Presence of the French Auchan and Cora with large stores 
  • Presence of the Belgian Delhaize, Match, Colruyt


  • ‘Only’ seven groups (approx. €291.5 million TO)
  • In 2017, Leclerc became market leader for the first time (replacing Carrefour)
  • Number of stores: 2,177 hypermarkets 6,198 supermarkets 3,556 hard discounters
    3,954 Drive & Click

The Pietercil approach

Retailers are increasingly aiming to reduce the number of contact points when it comes to suppliers. By grouping different brands, our key account managers still manage to claim a seat at the negotiation table and secure sufficient visibility.

Furthermore, Pietercil has its own field teams in the Benelux, uniting a large number of experts. These local and passionate teams have many years of experience in local retail, which includes over 4,000 store visits every month.

Thanks to our overarching ‘category approach’, we have not only built up incredible knowledge related to, for instance, product presence in stores and promotional mechanisms, we also nurture a close relationship with staff on the shop floor. Using a combination of, on the one hand, local key account managers defending the interests of various brands and, on the other, our extensive and experienced field teams, we are not only able to implement strategies efficiently, we can also ensure they are executed down to the last detail.


  • Belgium: No 1 Colruyt (26.6%); No 2 Carrefour (18.7% (AH NL)); No 3 Delhaize (18.6% (CR FR)
  • The Netherlands: No 1 Albert Heijn (35.3%); No2 Superunie (29.6%) / Jumbo (18.2%)
  • Luxembourg: Cactus, Auchan, Cora
  • France: n°1 Leclercq (21.4%); No 2 Carrefour; No 3 Intermarché

Pietercil Group enjoys the trust of over 90 brands

We are at the service of large and smaller ambitious brands, both in food and non-food. We have plenty of specialists in-house to give all partners the attention they deserve.

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