Lavazza coffee

Lavazza success story in the Netherlands

Italy’s favorite espresso

Lavazza, since 1895, one family, 4 generations, real Italian quality coffee

What we did

In 1996 Pietercil started distribution for Lavazza with only a few sku’s.

Today Lavazza is the best known Italian brand in the Netherlands with a national distribution.

Lavazza has reached 8% market share in the coffee beans segment.

How we did

After successfully developing the Lavazza business in the NL in the ’90, we managed to take the step of national distribution in the NL,  integrating Albert Heijn in our customer base. With a clear category approach, accompanied by new product introductions like soft pads, capsules or adding new beans varieties to the assortment, we have developed the brand further in retail.

We have also recommended a clear product ladder that is coherent for the Dutch consumer.

In 2016, the cash&carry business was integrated, which opened new opportunities in a new sales channel.

Meanwhile, by focusing on growth and investing in the brand and the reputation of the brand, we have steadily increased the marketshare in the NL. 


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